(Not) Much Ado About Nothing

My last post to this blog was on the 15th of August, which datetime has just informed me is exactly 14 weeks ago:

>>> import datetime
>>> datetime.date.today() - datetime.date(2015, 8, 15)
>>> 98 / 7.0

You might assume, therefore, that nothing of note has happened in those weeks, but that would not be accurate. The day before writing the post, I'd been to the first part of the interview process for Pivotal Labs in London, as an eventual result of which I'm sat here between leaving TRL and starting my new job as a Senior Software Engineer.

Frankly, I'm rarely sure what to write about. I've written a couple of posts on the process of building this blog, which was an interesting process in itself (to me, at least), but now that it's stable what do I go on to write on it?

So, in an attempt to kick myself into doing it, here are plans for a couple of future posts that I'll try to write over the next few weeks:

  • Gig review (Tom Williams at London Fields Brewery, 2015/11/18);
  • What Pivotal's hiring process was like;
  • Why I'm excited to be starting at Pivotal (hopefully before starting); and
  • What starting at Pivotal was actually like (inevitably after starting).

Perhaps living in London during the week will provide more interesting fodder for this than living in Bracknell has, but we'll see!

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